Medical translations is an important and delicate field, our translators have the specific skill and expertise in order to correctly approach the particular terminology.

We have a specialized crew in medical / pharmaceutical translations ranging from chemists to pharmacobiologist and doctors.

We understand that all advertising has an objective, therefore our goal is be competitive in each language in the global marketplace.

At B•Trad our advertising and marketing translations groups can handle your project around the clock and around the globe.

We can translate for film, radio, television, written press, exhibitions, fairs, and others.

All  of our translators are recognized experts in their subjects areas. They are rigorously selected and tested by our Management Team.

 Our goal in every project is work within the target language so that the original tone and concept remain intact and the original message is conveyed without compromise.

Wherewithal we can guarantee a quality translation in free-sale certificates, brochures, clinical trials, medical and laboratory materials sheets, among others.


In B•Trad we know that this sector demands precision and speed so therefore we offer to eliminate inefficiency, redundancy and accelerate the translation process.

We will help you translate:

  • technical sheets of products
  • operations
  • procedures and processes
  • manual user
  • list of materials
  • among other documents.

They are translations of an unofficial nature, which can be carried out by a professional translator without the need to hold the title of certified translator-interpreter.

It is important that the translator knows the terms and idioms appropriate to the area where the translation will be used.

Catalogs, information brochures, project presentations, guides, technical, medical, commercial manuals, among others, can be documents that normally require this type of translation.


It is an official translation, which can only be carried out by a translator certified by …

They have legal validity before official institutions and bodies.

They must bear the certification (stamp and signature) of the certified translator who is legally responsible for the fidelity and accuracy of the content of the translation.

Some examples of documents that require expert translations can be: apostilles, articles of incorporation, opinions and audits, school documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates.


The translator orally and instantly interprets a speech in order to reach a group of people who do not speak or understand the speaker’s language.


For Creative Translation, having the trust of our clients is utmost importance, all the information shared will be used solely and exclusively for the translation.

Our translators are legally bound to a non-disclosure agreements to ensure the strict confidentiality of your documents.

Images, Layout and Desktop Publishing

Part of our commitment  is to guarantee that the client will receive the translation of their document in the required format, faithfully copying the original design for a better presentation of the document.

Payment Methods

We have the most competitive rate in the area and we offer discounts on 300-page projects.

Payment methods can be by check or bank transfer. Creative Translation understands that each client is different, for this reason, there is no additional cost in urgent work.


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